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Elin Unnes is probably the coolest gardener in Sweden. She's the rock'n'roll journalist that secretly started growing vegetables in her allotment outside of Stockholm. "The thing about gardening is that your world becomes bigger, there are little messages around you that have great significance". Her interest in gardening escalated and became a way of living. "There's a huge lack of rituals at the present, and gardening for me is a way to add them in my life on a yearly and daily basis. You become deeply rooted in the soil, but also in time and your own life. Elin has authored the inquisitive and entertaining The secret gardener and Herbariet. "Lately I've become interested in poisonous plants, I find the Jimson weed very fascinating". Elin's gardening has inspired us in our work with the pattern Tinktur where the Jimson weed can be found.