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Amanda Hellberg grew up in a family of cultivators and as a child she helped her parents with the farm. Today her garden is mainly filled with vegetable crops which relates to her passion for food. "The more I learn about cultivation, the more I want to work with old varieties that one can take seeds of from a conservation point of view. I would like a little more diversity among varieties. For example, right now there's only one kind of turnip sold, but there are actually dozens of other varieties". By creating the food blog Våra oköttsliga lustar and writing the cookbooks Ta tillvara and Rötter och knölar: vegetarisk mat från underjorden she hopes that more people will discover green food that is friendly for both your wallet and the environment. "I'm intrigued by the thought of being self-sufficient on vegetables and I've always been interested in the environment". Amanda and her cultivation has inspired us in our work with the pattern Skörd.